Hospitality offers an enormous range of opportunities for entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals alike and having quality hospitality advice from other experienced experts can really drive success.

Allan Campion is an industry authority who draws on more than forty years in food to offer tailored hospitality consulting to businesses and individuals alike.

Hospitality consulting can range from a one-off session with a strategy plan to a monthly check-in to discuss your goals through to a full-service consultation with follow up strategy.

Each initial enquiry begins with a free 15-minute call to gain insight into your needs. From this discussion Allan will then only take on clients he believes he can truly assist and offer real value to.

Allan believes no one person has all of the answers. Which is why he collaborates with industry experts to ensure the very best advice is provided.

Over the decades he has cultivated a network of business and hospitality experts across a range of sectors from running restaurants and cocktail bars, to business planning, cooking, wine and drinks, specialists in PR, social media and marketing.

His life-long passion for food began when he first stepped into a restaurant kitchen as a trainee chef in 1979. He knew instantly he had found his job for life.

He has worked as a chef in Australia, Ireland, England and Turkey has cooked on ships travelling throughout Asian and the Pacific, run kitchens for a theatre company, boardrooms and private clubs. His career has taken him from cooking to food writing, working as a restaurant reviewer, and as a consultant through to operating a food store and appearing on TV.

Today he divides his time between creating the very best customised events, VIP food tours and premium dining experiences, collaborating on food and travel copywriting and consulting projects, industry mentoring, cooking classes and speaking engagements.

Enquire to discuss opportunities for hospitality consulting with Allan Campion.

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