Learning to cook is a fundamental life skill. Having the ability to look at a selection of ingredients you have on hand and be able to conjure up a good meal is a real knack. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have missed out on this education and are left to rely on ready meals and fast food.

The challenge in learning to cook is most classes tend to be for those with existing skills. Usually a chef showing off what they know at the front of the room. Online videos are not easy either as its difficult to follow along and cook at the same time.

Cooking classes with Allan Campion solve this problem by offering online cooking classes at all levels from beginner to experienced. Clients get to cook in their own kitchen with their own equipment which means they are comfortable and learning from home. 

Digital technology provides all the tools we need to connect globally. Allan joins by video and you get to cook together, at your speed under his guidance. There will be plenty of time for questions as each recipe is completed. 

Each enquiry begins with a free 15-minute call to gain an insight into your needs and skill level. Following this discussion the tailored program will be created. Each client will have recipes and ingredients lists sent before each class.

Allan’s life-long passion for food began when he first stepped into a restaurant kitchen as a trainee chef in 1979. He knew instantly he had found his job for life.

Over 40+ years he has worked as a chef in Australia, Ireland, England and Turkey, has cooked on ships travelling throughout Asia and the Pacific, run kitchens for a theatre company, boardrooms and private clubs. His career has taken him from cooking to food writing, working as a restaurant reviewer, and as a consultant, through to operating a food store and appearing on TV.

Today he divides his time between creating the very best customised events, VIP food tours and premium dining experiences, collaborating on food and travel copywriting and consulting projects, industry mentoring, cooking classes and speaking engagements.

Alongside private cooking classes there are also opportunities for group cooking experiences and VIP in-person Melbourne cooking classes. 

Enquire to discuss opportunities for cooking classes with Allan Campion.

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