Writing on a specialist subject takes extensive industry knowledge and experience, and Allan Campion has that in spades.

He began writing about food, cooking and restaurants in the mid 1990’s having worked as a chef in Australia, Ireland, England and Turkey. He started with newspaper and magazine articles documenting Melbourne’s incredible growth in food in The Age and The Herald Sun newspapers.

This led to opportunities to write about travel with organisations such as Visit Victoria, recipe features for Gourmet Traveller Magazine, and a weekly column about Melbourne’s multi-ethnic food scene in The Sunday Age.

Allan also has a vast body of work as the co-author of 40 cookbooks and food guides ranging from the best-selling In The Kitchen and Foodies’ Diary to titles such as Chilli Jam, The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne as well as books on barbecuing, Asian ingredients and cooking with the seasons.

His career has taken him from cooking to food copywriting, working as a restaurant reviewer, and as a consultant through to operating a food store and appearing on TV. He divides his time between operating a premium events business and collaborating on writing and consulting projects, industry mentoring, cooking classes and speaking engagements.

Allan continues to write about food today and is available for food and travel copywriting commissions. His specialities include feature articles, food opinion pieces, chef profiles, expert interviews, travel features, recipe development and restaurant reviews. Allan also writes fiction and personal insight features.

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