The choice of who will host your next event is a big decision and one not to be taken lightly. The ability of the guest speaker to deliver a compelling, relevant and genuine presentation that lands with your audience is crucial.

Allan Campion is the go-to expert when you need a specialist guest speaker in food and hospitality. He draws on a vast array of food knowledge and industry experience drawn from 40+ years of working as a chef in Australia, Ireland, England and Turkey. 

Allan speaks on topics as varied as restaurant trends, fads versus trends, kitchen culture, the future of food, what hospitality means today, restaurants and travel. He also shares his own story of his parents allowing him to leave school at 16 to follow his dream of becoming a chef.

He is available to speak to groups large and small, from schools and associations to seminars and conferences. Allan has presented at the Aireys Festival of Words, The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Tasting Australia, and is a long-time host of the Bright ’n’ Sandy Food & Wine Festival, to name just a few.

In this digital age there are few restrictions on speaking to groups no matter where you are located as technology provides all the tools we need to connect globally.

Allan has a genuine love of the Australian food scene, in particular Melbourne, where he continues to play a part in the city’s development. As a food writer since the 1990’s, he has published hundreds of newspaper and magazine food articles celebrating the city’s incredible growth in food.

He also has co-authored 40 cookbooks, food guides and seasonal diaries ranging from the best-selling In The Kitchen and Foodies’ Diary to titles such as Chilli Jam, The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne and Food with Friends.

Today he divides his time between creating the very best customised events, VIP food tours and premium dining experiences, collaborating on food and travel copywriting and consulting projects, industry mentoring, cooking classes and speaking engagements.

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